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Who is that dog on your logo?


Well, that would be Capo and he is your typical fun, loving and lazy American Boxer that has no idea that we stuck his mug up on the side of a music shop in Abingdon, VA and made him the face of our business. He has been known to spend sometime around the shop so if you are ever by the store just ask us if Capo is around and we will be happy to wake him up for you J


How Can You Contact Us?


We have multiple ways for you to get in contact with us here at the shop. The quickest way is to give us a call at 276-525-1880. You can email us at caposmusicstore@gmail.com and you might be surprised on how quick you will hear back from us. If you are old school, we still fax so you can reach us at 276-525-1882. And the most enjoyable way to experience Capo’s Music Store is to drive down to 903 E. Main St. in Abingdon, VA and visit the shop for yourself.


Do we do the Social Media Thing?


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caposmusic
Instagram: caposmusic


What payment methods do you accept?


We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express (all major credit cards) Cashier's Check or money orders and of course, CASH is always king!


What Does Our Shipping and Packing Process Look Like?


As you know we are a small shop so we don’t have a shipping department (Yet!). So the guy or gal you spoke to on the phone or emailed on the computer is going to be the same person who packs and ships your new instrument or accessories. Once payment has been made our first step is to put the instrument on the work bench for one last look over and do any minor setup changes that might have been discussed during the purchase process. Next the instrument makes it downstairs to where it will be prepped for shipping, packed and then brought back upstairs to the waiting room. As always, each instrument doesn’t leave our store unless it has been insured to the full value of the instrument!


 Do We Ship Overseas?


We take pride in making sure we get the best deals on shipping to our overseas customers and do the best we can to get them there dream instrument at a fair price. 95% of the packages that leave our shop will be going out using USPS and that is just because it has been proven to be the best and most importantly the cheapest when shipping overseas or borders.


Dealing With Import Taxes and Fees


One of the biggest questions we get from our overseas customers is if we can help them out on import fees and taxes by either claiming it as a gift or printing off a separate receipt and claiming it as a cheaper instrument. As much as we would love to help make the transaction as cheap as possible we just can’t risk doing this and risk the lively hood of Capo’s. We are going to be as fair to you as we are the country we are shipping to.


 Do We Finance or Layaway?


Capo’s has access to both financing and an in house 60 day layaway program. The layaway program starts with a 20% deposit and 60 days to pay it off. We have had great success and response from our local financing company and they offer some of the best rates we have seen anywhere. Please give us a call to talk about the financing we have access to through a local financing company.


Do we Trade and Consign?


What would a music store be without trades? We would love to help you get into your next instrument and sometimes a trade is a great way to make that happen for you! We also love to consign instruments and have had great success with not only local consigners but customers from all over the country have consigned with us. If you are looking to purchase an instrument from us and have an instrument that you want to sell, we do a special reduced consignment fee and will put the money towards your future purchase.


 What exactly do we mean when we say “This instrument has been Setup?”


We know you are sick of seeing the phrase “We make sure our instruments are professionally setup” from every other music store in the world. But when you are looking to buy a certain instrument from a music store that you have never been to or even seen before, it’s hard for us to make it clear to our customers that we don’t just get the instrument from a warehouse or even a small shop builder and slap it in the mail without ever taking time on the setup or even sitting down and playing it. We think it’s just as important to perform a setup on each instrument as it is to sit down and get to know each instrument so we can do our best to describe how the instrument sounds, plays and feels to someone who isn’t going to be able to see the instrument before it gets shipped to them.


What is our Set-Up Process?


*Guitars and Mandolins
Each instrument that we receive in the shop, whether it is a $79.00 Johnson kids guitar or a $3999.00 Weber mandolin always gets a setup before going to the wall and also gets an quick overlook and run over before leaving our shop. A typical setup process we do on an instrument starts with making sure the instrument just looks good enough to sell here at Capo’s. We look for scratches, dings, fret problems and anything else that just doesn’t seem right for a new instrument. The next step is going to be putting it on the work bench and setting the string height, adjusting the nut slots and adjusting the truss rod for the correct amount of relief. To be honest, the majority of our instruments that we carry do not need all these step performed on them and then we get some in that it takes all these steps and then a little more work to get them into a play condition that we would personally feel comfortable playing. Another big step we like to take is making sure each instrument has the correct gauge of strings we believe fits each particular instrument. We get a lot of great bluegrass dreadnoughts in the shop that come stock with light gauge strings but we also know 90% of our customers are going to want to hear it with mediums so we go ahead and make the change beforehand. The string gauges are close enough in size where no changes have to be made to the nut spacing and it is a quick change back over if the customer asks for his favorite string before shipping.


*Violins, Banjos
Who wants to open up your brand new banjo or violin case and see the uncut bridge laying off the fiddle or a banjo head that hasn’t been tightened up to pitch. We have seen that fiddles and banjos that have not been properly setup cause the most trouble with their owners. From adjusting coordinator rods, getting the right angle on the tailpiece and tightening the head to the correct pitch. We want to make sure that your banjo is setup to perform the best it can when you receive it and that all you have to do is tune it up! Our violins or fiddles get a great amount of work before we can out them on our wall. Whether it needs a fair amount of bridge work, nut cutting and even resetting the soundpost, we make sure that each fiddle plays like you would expect it to and sound the best it possibly can.


 Do We Perform Repairs?

We have a great repair department here at Capo’s that can handle everything from electronic work to neck resets. We take as much pride in the repair work as we do setup work and strive to return your instrument looking and playing better than it did when we received it. If you have a repair question just give us a call or email and we can talk about what we think needs to be done and get you an estimate.


Are the Instruments You See on Our Website The Same Instruments We Sell?


As much as would like to just toss up a group of great photos of each instrument and never touch the listing again… We just don’t think that is fair! Whether we have sold 25 of a certain instrument or this is a one of a kind banjo, we always try our best to get new photos up on the listing so you know exactly what instrument you will be receiving. As you know, not one single piece of wood is going to look the same so we want you to see what the grain pattern is going to look like and what shade or color the finish has turned out to be. If you are still wanting better photos of certain areas we didn’t capture, just give us a ring and we will make to email you whatever you are looking for ASAP.


Do We Humidify Our Shop?


Yes we do! If having to fill 8-10 different humidifiers twice a day sounds fun… Well it’s not, but it has to been done to make sure we keep all our instruments well hydrated and safe. We take pride in keeping our store within a 40%-50% humidity level.


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