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Ukulele Skill Building Workshop

Sunday, December 4 from 2pm to 4pm


As part of a multi-city Southeastern US tour, Frets Halligan is coming to Capo*s Music in Abingdon on December 4 to present skill-building ukulele workshops. The event is for players who can comfortably change basic chords on the ukulele and offers them an opportunity to learn how to make use of more chord possibilities on the instrument. Participants will be reminded of what they already know and how to apply that knowledge to improve their playing. 

Making Chords Flow Better: D7 & B7. Have you ever noticed that chord fingerings vary from book to book and player to player? Are the chord fingerings in books or on the internet the only way, and are they right for you? This workshop attempts to throw some logic into the mix. We'll open up possibilities to consider if you want to improve the way your chords flow from one to another. For advanced beginners and intermediate players. More advanced players could benefit, too. Cost $15 per person. Sunday, December 4 at 2 pm

Useful moveable chords you can use today - In this class we will focus on two songs from the Daily Ukulele. But have you noticed there are important parts of some of the songs that aren*t there? This is a way to learn them while improving your understanding of moveable chords. We will take a closer look at the songs Proud Mary and 8 Days a Week and improve the players usage of movable chords. This is a course for advanced beginners and intermediate players. Capo's will have copies of the Daily Ukulele on hand for purchase. Cost $15 per person. Sunday, December 4 at 4 pm
Concert to immediately follow workshops. Cost $5 per person. 
Attend both workshops and the concert for only $30! 

Halligan has been teaching and performing for many years in Virginia, New England and the East Coast. Much of his experience was gained in Virginia as a skilled Bluegrass guitarist/vocalist. *It was the move to Maine that revived my interest in the ukulele,* Frets says. *It*s so playable, friendly. It invites people to play it and keep learning!* The workshop is part of a Virginia tour with stops throughout Virginia, Florida and states in between.

To register, go to caposmusicstore.com or contact us by phone at (276) 525-1880 or email caposmusicstore@gmail.com





Capo's is pleased to announce the winners of the 4th Bristol Rhythm & Roots

Youth Music Competition Sponsored by Capo's Music Store!


 Students jamming before competition begins at the 2014 Youth Music Festival.


Capo's would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2016 Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion Youth Music Competition sponsored by Capo's Music Store.
1- Trajan Wellington, Jefferson, NC
2- Haylee Kinsler, Nickelsville, VA
3- Hunter Patterson, Kingsport, TN
1- Aila Wildman, Floyd, VA
2- Eliza Meyer, Raleigh, NC
3- Elizabeth Almany, Abingdon, VA
1- Hunter Patterson, Kingsport, TN
2- Liam Purcell, Deep Gap, NC
3- Trajan Wellington, Jefferson, NC
1- Liam Purcell, Deep Gap, NC
2- Emma Lowe, Wilksboro, NC
3- Jacob Lewis, Rogersville, TN
Band Competition:
1- Trajan Purcell Wild
2- Hawkins County Line
3- Flat Top Band
Congratulations to all our participants. We had a great competition this year and will be posting video and pictures soon. Thank you to Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion for another amazing year and all our volunteers who help make it possible.


Weekly Jam Session

Every week folks gather from near and far in the back room of Capo's Music Store to jam. Our all acoustic jam is held every Saturday evening starting at 6:00 PM. We are an official affiliate member of The Crooked Road, Virginia's Heritage Music Trail. It is an ld style circle jam where people join us and share songs. The jam is free and open to everyone with a mix of listeners and players.  All acoustic styles and skill levels are welcome.  Visitor's are always welcome. 





2016 Music Festivals


Clifftop Appalachain String Band Music Festival
Clifftop, WV Aug. 3rd- Aug. 7th


If you love old-time music or just an eclectic music festival, the Clifftop Old-Time Festival is an event you need to experience. We will be helping out OME Banjo's with their booth and are looking forward to the week in the West Virginia Mountains!


81st Annual Galax Old-time Fiddlers Convention
Galax, VA August 8th-13th 


We have been looking forward to this week ever since we pulled out of that mud invested Felts Park late Saturday night last year. (Really it was closer to Sunday morning because we had to get some last minute jamming in). This is going to be the 80th year of the Fiddlers Convention in Galax and we hope you can come experience what we believe is the best Fiddlers Convention in the world! Stop by the booth and check out some cool instruments and accessories or just sit down and jam some with Emory


Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion
Bristol, VA-TN September 16th-18th

Located right on State Street and on the State line between Bristol and Virginia, The Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion is a one of a kind music festival. You combine bands like Sam Bush, Tweedy, The Steeldrivers, Emmylou Harris and add in 50,000 plus fans and you get one of the best weekends you could spend listening to music! Check out our booth located somewhere near the State Street stage when you all walking from stage to stage this year!





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