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Leaf Lookers your time is now!

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Hello and thank you for your eyes!   Here we are again coming into the Fall season in Abingdon, Virginia and the Fall festivities have officially begun.  At Mountain Empire Community College just up the road you will find the Homecraft Days festival where local artists and crafters are allowed to showcase their creations while folks enjoy local cuisine and good old bluegrass and old time music made by some of the best musicians around.  Here at Capo's we are raking the leaves and enjoying the pumpkin donuts and coffee by our neighbors at the Dunkin Deli while preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.  It is hard to believe the year has come and gone so quickly.  Those wanting to take in some beautiful color need only drive a short ways up Route 58 toward Whitetop Mountain and there they will find the gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges that make this region a true gem to behold this time of year.  Hope you will take the time to come see us this Fall and say hello.  Enjoy the season and keep on playing that good old music!

Things To Do Round These Parts

Hello and thank you for your eyes!  It has been awhile, but we are back in the swing of things and Spring has Sprung here in Abingdon, Virginia.  Lots of folks this time of year begin planning Summer vacations and I want to pitch our town to those of you who aren't familiar with it. [...]

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Join Us For Jam!

Hello and thank you for your eyes. As our Summer is winding down, my thoughts today are drawn toward one of the weekly happenings here at our store. Our weekly Jam at Capo’s begins every Saturday night at around 6pm. I am often asked “What music do the jammers play” the answer-it [...]

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Make A Tone-Make A Tune

Hello again and thank you for your eyes. Sitting here on this sunny Saturday morning I am reflecting on some of the things I hear customers say to me. Many times I will have customers ask me in the shop if I know of any good materials they can use in order to [...]

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Playing With Others

Hello again and thank you for your eyes. We are rapidly approaching the time of year when the daffodils bloom, the Robin offers a song of praise for the day and the grass begins to sprout with leaves on trees again making everything lush and green. That’s right-Springtime! One of my favorite [...]

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Invest in Music Education

As I sit at my desk on this rainy cool March day I am reminded of the things that have made my musical journey unique. I come from a line of musical talent dating back to my grandfather in my family. My grandfather played mandolin and sang in a gospel quartet when he [...]

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Never Ending Battle Between Mother Nature and Your Instruments... Humidity

Hello and thank you for your eyes. I am writing this today as we are under a winter storm warning here in Southwest Virginia. The snow came last night and left a dusting on the ground and we are bracing ourselves for an arctic blast.It is a balmy 9 degrees outside.This time of year here in this [...]

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The Sounds of Birds, Lawnmowers and Banjos

Ever since we unloaded our trailer from IBMA last October it has sat dormant in the corner of our back parking lot, patiently waiting the soothing sounds of birds chirping, lawn mowers and banjo music! The 2014 festival season is finally among us and it seems to have arrived as fast as it left us [...]

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